How Taking Collagen Supplements Can Support Different Types of Workouts 

Different types of workouts require a different physical and mental effort but all of them require an overall great joint and bone performance in order to avoid injuries. Collagen is a popular supplement among top-tier athletes but how can it support your own type of workout?
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Runners need a lot of strength and joint stability in the lower part of the body. One of the most frequent complaints of runners is knee joint pain and Achilles tendon injuries especially in older runners as the tendons and joints start to become stiffer and less flexible due to the reduced collagen production. Daily collagen intake can help runners manage pain and inflammation, as well as support the regeneration of joints and tendons. Also, collagen prevents injuries of soft tissues which are a big problem for trail runners but also plays a major role in the healing of such injuries as it is the building block of the tendons and ligaments. 
Strength training 
Strength training is a type of workout that mainly includes weight lifting so it requires balance, mobility, and muscle strength.  Collagen supplements are ideal for weightlifting individuals as it helps repair and restores muscles. While you work out, your muscles lose protein because of oxidation, micro lesions, and inflammatory reactions so a collagen supplement right after working out can provide you with the essential amino acids for muscle repair. Also, collagen might help speed up the recovery of muscle fibers. When you work out, the stress you put on your muscle can cause micro tears while your muscle is producing lactic acid which builds ups and is the reason for the soreness you may feel. While this is a normal process and it is believed that in order to build muscle, you have to break muscle, this situation can cause soreness and pain so collagen supplements can help you speed up the healing process. Furthermore, collagen can boost the natural production of creatinine. When lifting, your muscle requires an instantly available source of energy which is the ATP. The ATP requires creatinine in order to be produced and creatinine needs glycine, methionine, and arginine. Collagen is packed with glycine and arginine so daily intake can boost creatinine production and improve general athletic performance.
Generally, collagen is a well-tolerated supplement that supports any type of workout with just one sip daily.  Collagen supports your athletic performance, your joint and cartilage health, your muscle integrity and mass as well as promotes bone health it is a supplement suggested for people that deal with osteoporosis especially women in menopause. Sipnutri supports your workouts with the Diamond Liquid Collagen Drink or the “Sip on the Go” that you can take with you at the gym or at your outdoor workout.