Who We Are & What We Do  

Our core business is our liquid collagen drink which is formulated to enrich your body with healthy nutrients.

We are women-owned business located in New York.

Our Mission & Vision

Not only we create products which provide our customers with the most efficient amount collagen on a daily base.
We also hope that we can connect with our customers through Sipnutri platform.
Here we can simply address Self-care, Anti-aging, Life-style & Wellness.

Our Product

Absorption facts:Liquid collagen is the easiest way to include collagen supplements in you daily diet.
If your busy lifestyle calls for something you can easily grab-and-go and you are at the right place.

    What Makes Us Competitive

    We pursue t​he best quality of collagen supplements in its field.
    At Sipnutri, we believe that what you put into your body matters.
    Profits are nice but we are here to achieve more than that.

    Words to All

    Taking collagen supplements along with anti-aging and self-caring, consistency is the key.
    This is why at Sipnutri, we are willing be build a long term relationship with our customers.
    On the health & wellness journey, we wish we can be by you side till the end.

    Thank you for your support!