How to Bring Your Best Self into the Holidays

Holiday season is sure the most wonderful time of the year.
But between buying gifts, hosting parties, all the extra pleasures(food & drink), and attending family gatherings, it can also be the most stressful time of the year.
That’s why it’s important to make time for self-care and self-love during the holidays.

  • Let It Out. The holidays can bring up a lot of emotions, baggage, and discomfort. Maybe you’re stressed about money. Maybe you’re missing a departed loved one. Maybe you’re dreading spending time with difficult family members. The worst thing you can do is keep everything in, so talk to someone—a coach, a friend, or someone you trust to provide you with a safe space to vent.
  • Carve Out Time for Self-Care. We can’t overstate the importance of self-care during the holidays. But I’ve got too much to do, you may be thinking. How am I supposed to make time for self-care? Our answer: when you are crazy busy is when you need self-care most. So make sure to schedule time for you this holiday season. Even ten minutes can positively impact your mental health, and it’s enough time to get outside for a breath of fresh air, a quick meditation, fit in a quick workout, or chat with a loved one to help you reset.
  • Be Active. Fitting in some movement can help you relieve stress and anxiety, boost energy, work off those yummy holiday treats, and just feel better all around. So try to fit in physical activity where you can. It doesn’t have to be super-intense or take a ton of time. Even five-minute walks around the block and taking the stairs instead of the elevator add up and can help increase your overall stamina.
We hope these holiday self-care ideas help you have your best holiday season yet, especially during this difficult time for everybody -- you deserve it!