Liquid vs Powder Collagen: Which is the best?

There’s no doubt that collagen is one of the most famous beauty and health supplements and the key secret of forever young celebrities.

On the huge collagen market, there are different forms of collagen supplements: powder, liquid, pills, and gummies with the most known of them being powder and liquid. But which one is the most beneficial?


Let's start with collagen powder

Collagen powder is one of the most “go-to” choices. It’s a fine powder like protein powders (sometimes it can be included in a protein mix) and it is pretty easy to use. Most powders In the market are in the form of hydrolyzed collagen or collagen peptides which means that amino acids are broken down into smaller “pieces” named peptides . This process makes collagen powder safe to use in both cold and hot drinks. Generally, the safe and effective suggested portion is 12-20 g that equals to around a scoop but that depends also on the brand you choose. One of the disadvantages is that some collagen powder supplements don’t contain additional vitamin c that boosts the organism’s natural ability to produce collagen and makes collagen supplements work better and faster, so you have to either take additional vitamin C supplements or adapt your nutrition. You can use powder collagen in your water, coffee, food, smoothies, and protein shakes without noticing any bad taste(if it’s unflavored)but just a weird texture.

Now let's take a look at liquid collagen drink

Liquid collagen

, the so-called “liquid gold” this one of their greatest choices for your daily collagen portion. You can find it either in smaller portions for a sip on the go (like Sipnutri’s) or in bigger bottles and can be flavored or unflavored. Mostly found in the form of hydrolyzed collagen, liquid supplements are safe to use by people with stomach disorders due to the light texture and the small suggested quantity. Daily you are suggested to ingest 12-20 g of collagen that equals to 1 bottle (50ml)of Sipnutri’s Diamond Liquid Collagen Drink. Liquid collagen can also be used either in hot or cold drinks, smoothies, and other recipes.

Time to make our choices

Liquid vs powder collagen

, and among all other forms of collagen on the market. There’s definitely a winner: liquid collagen & reasons are followed

Of course, it’s always a personal choice but liquid collagen is more efficient than the powder and not only. This is based on the fact that the liquid form is absorbed quicker into the bloodstream as liquid peptides have a much higher absorption rate but also deliver higher concentrations per serving. Apart from the absorption facts, liquid collagen seems to be the easiest way to include in your daily diet the suggested portion of collagen. It makes your life easier as you can just open your bottle and drink your daily portion and you’re all set or you can mix it with your bottle of water and drink it throughout the day compared to the powder form where you have to carry around your scoops and mixing tools. If the effectiveness and the convenience didn’t convince you about the liquid collagen, just by a simple search you will realize that the liquid form is the best choice regarding price and quantity.

There being said --Choose your collagen supplements wiser and make your lifestyle easier! -- Liquid! Liquid!! Liquid!!!

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