What to Expect from Collagen for Collagen Beginners

Collagen beginners, whatever reason brought you here on this self-care and wellness journey, welcome!

Here is a little Q & A, and what you might want to know about collagen:

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and it is synthesized by breaking down dietary protein into amino acids. It is found in your connective tissues, bones, muscles, joints, and skin and it generally acts as a ''bridge'' that brings your cell closer so it provides continuity and elasticity of the tissues. However, natural production starts to decline progressively by your mid-20s, and considering that it is also affected by external and environmental factors such smoking, excessive sugar intake, alcohol, UV lights, and stress, it is estimated that by the age of 50 you will lose almost 40% of your natural collagen production. So, a collagen drink will support and boost your collagen production daily and help you deal with common problems due to shortage.

Which are the main benefits of collagen drinks?

First of all, collagen drinks are different than supplements and their liquid form makes them easier to absorb via the bloodstream and easier to digest as they are hydrolyzed so they are practically broken down into small particles. The main benefits of them are:

It supports your joints and bones

The liquid collagen can help you prevent the loss of the ''spongy'' cartilage between your joints that prevents friction and it is lost as the collagen production declines. So it is likely to develop joint pain, especially on the knees, or a joint disorder such as osteoarthritis. Collagen seems to have a preventative role but can also help ease the symptoms of joint pain. It also supports your bones as it works by inhibiting bone density loss, another characteristic of aging.

It improves skin elasticity and reduces fine lines

The skin is made of about 80% collagen and as we already said, aging makes you lose the natural ability to produce collagen which keeps your skin firm, elastic, and glowy. Liquid collagen can help you replace the lost collagen and since it is also involved in hyaluronic acid production, it will help restore hydration, elasticity and your wrinkles will appear smoother while your skin will look youthful.

It promotes nails and hair health

The main component of hair is keratin which is a build-up of several amino acids. The main component of keratin and the most important amino acid is proline, one of the three amino acids collagen is made of. That means that collagen supplements boost natural hair growth and may contribute to hair thickening, especially combined with the horsetail extract found in our Diamond Liquid Collagen Drink. Also, if you suffer from brittle, thin, and weak nails, liquid collagen will contribute to the renaissance of stronger, longer, and thicker nails.

When is the best time to take your liquid collagen?

For sure you can take your liquid collagen drink whenever you want during the day and you can mix it with water, smoothies, iced coffee, and iced tea. However, some people noticed that taking collagen right before bedtime, helped them have a better sleep. You can choose the best and most convenient time for you according to your program and needs. There is no best time by the mean of maximum absorption. Have your sip whenever you feel like it!