What to Look For in Collagen Supplements

Collagen supplements are probably the most discussed supplements for beauty and health this decade and there is no doubt that they truly work miracles if you follow all the basic tips. But first, you have to buy the right supplement to start your journey with the best standards. But how do you choose the right one? We all know that the market is full of promising collagen supplements so follow the next tips so to be sure about your choice!

The type of supplement matters

Powder, liquid, pills, gummies, how do you choose from all those types of collagen? The answer is very simple and analyzed in detail in a previous article, the best choice is liquid collagen. Apart from the convenience that the liquid drink gives you, it is absorbed quicker into the bloodstream as liquid peptides have a much higher absorption rate but also deliver higher concentrations per serving.

Check the actual amount of collagen in the supplement

Some supplements appear to be “collagen supplements” but if you look carefully at the nutrition table, you will realize that they are more of vitamin supplements. The daily amount of collagen for a healthy adult person is 12-15 grams that equals to 12000-15000 mg. Sipnutri provides you 15000 mg of high-quality patent marine collagen that is exactly what you need to get through the day!

Check the other ingredients

Make sure to check about the other ingredients too cause collagen works better with some of them. Vitamin C is almost essential to every supplement as collagen needs it to function properly. Also, check for other boosting ingredients that will make your supplement the ideal one. Sipnutri’s “ Diamond Liquid Collagen Drink” contains also 1,000 mcg SkinAx,1,000 mcg Pomegranate Extract and 1,000 mcg Horsetail Extract.

Choose the best source of collagen

There are a lot of collagen sources: marine, bovine, and chicken collagen and the best source is the marine one. Marine source collagen has higher bioavailability and is absorbed more easily and 1.5 times faster than the others(especially if it is in liquid form) so it can work faster and see the first results in a few days. Marine collagen seems to be a more clean option as it is nearly impossible to be contaminated with serious diseases like Bovine Spongiform, as the fishes are wild-caught. Also, marine collagen does not have a high calcium risk as there is a little trace of calcium in the scales and skin of fish and reduces the risk of hypercalcemia, a condition associated with collagen supplements. So marine collagen it is!

Choose convenience

Your collagen supplements should be a way of life and not just another supplement you are forced to take. You should choose a supplement that makes you feel like you don’t have to do anything to take it, you can just shake the bottle and enjoy it. Also, as everyday life goes on, a supplement in convenient packaging is the only way to not be bothered to take it with you at the gym, at your work or your daily walk. Imagine having to carry all-around a big bottle of collagen just to take a sip or a powder and all that mixing tools. And what about when you want to go on a weekend trip? Choose wiser and choose a convenient collagen supplement that will be always with you. Sipnutri has the perfect size of bottle so you can always carry it in your bag, take it out and take your daily sip!