Protein Powder and Collagen Peptides: What are the differences?

Protein powder and collagen peptides are two terms often heard by people which are really into nutrition and consistently working out. They are two different types of supplements, each serving its special role in wellbeing and target different groups and different needs.

The protein powder

Protein powder is the powdered form of protein originating either from vegan sources( peas, hemp, soybeans, and rice) or from milk( casein or whey protein). It is a dietary supplement used by healthy individuals that want to increase easily their daily protein intake especially when working out and need more than 0,36 g/lb of their weight. Especially whey protein is very famous among active adults as it is watersoluble and contains all the essential amino acids and it is generally safe for daily use. One of the most common side effects is digestion problems as milk protein is difficult to digest and it is not safe for lactoseintolerant people. Vegan protein is an alternative option but less easy to dissolve in water and some people may complain about weird taste.

The collagen peptides

Collagen peptides are the easily digestible form of collagen protein since they’re smaller “pieces” of them.

Collagen peptides are of animal origin( usually fish) and have a low molecular weight so they can dissolve easily in every liquid. They are also a source of protein since one scoop of collagen peptides powder may contain up to 10 grams of protein but they can’t be considered as “protein supplements” . In addition, they support bone and joint health, promote nail and hair growth and help you hydrate and maintain your skin’s elasticity. They are famous among people with joint and bone problems such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and they are mostly used by women who want to restore the lost collagen of their skin.

Collagen peptides are easy to digest due to their low molecular weight but they’re not safe for vegans as collagen is of animal origin. However, they can increase their daily collagen intake by nutrition.

Which is the difference between collagen peptides and protein powder?

They’re two different supplements that serve different purposes but they can be combined if you wish to benefit from both. Their main difference is that the collagen peptides are not considered complete proteins as they don’t contain all the essential amino acids. Also, protein powder is a dietary supplement that increases your protein intake and supports muscle growth so it is used by vegans, people that work out consistently, and people with medical conditions that do not consume enough protein. On the other hand, collagen peptides are mostly used to help with collagen loss and to support the health of joints , bones, skin and nails so it is considered also a “beauty” supplement . So yes, they’re two different supplements, with different target groups and benefits but they can absolutely be combined and benefit from both of them daily!