Taking Collagen Supplements vs Topical Collagen in Beauty Products

We already know collagen has multiple beauty and health benefits but is collagen as effective in all of its forms? Is using collagen-infused beauty products the same as taking collagen supplements?

Long story short, collagen-infused beauty products won't help with our collagen production and here are the reasons:

Oral collagen and topical collagen are two different types of collagen that are not effective in the same way.

Collagen-infused products while may look convenient, they can't really help with your collagen production. The reason behind that is pretty simple: they can not penetrate your skin. The collagen molecule is a complex molecule made of amino acids that can not penetrate even the outer layer of your skin.

As collagen-rich creams can only moisturize your skin and not boost your collagen production as their molecules just stay at your epidermis.

However, there are some products that contain collagen molecules that are broken down into smaller particles and there is some evidence that they may be able to penetrate the skin and stimulate the fibroblasts to produce collagen.

On the other hand, collagen supplements can have better results compared to collagen-infused beauty products. In order to ensure that you will see the best results, you have to opt for better collagen quality. There are different forms of supplements: pills, gummy, powder, and liquid. The best of them all is the liquid collagen, that’s why you often hear it as liquid gold!

We've already covered this but again what makes liquid collagen better?

Compared with topical collagen application and other forms of collagen (pills, powder, and gummy) intake, the liquid form of collagen is not only absorbed quicker into the bloodstream as liquid peptides have a much higher absorption rate but also deliver higher concentrations per serving.

That means quicker and better results.

Besides topical results, when the collagen is absorbed into the bloodstream, it's systemic and it will support your overall health as collagen can help to promote joints, tendons, and muscles health and help people deal with different health conditions such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Liquid collagen is also a safe supplement that can help you boost your skin’s health without interfering with your skin type, your skincare, and your general beauty habits.

With that being said, loss of skin elasticity and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is due to the decline of our bodies' collagen production. Collagen production starts to decline naturally in your mid-20’s and the only way to increase it is by using specific active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, retinol, and exfoliating acids.

Collagen in beauty products is not an active ingredient and it will have very limited further benefits regarding your collagen production.

The only way if you want to use collagen to increase your body's collagen production is to include high-quality hydrolyzed collagen in your diet.

Sipnutri offers the best quality of marine hydrolyzed collagen, the best type of collagen you can choose that will support your skin’s health.