Travel edition: How to Get an Energy Boost and Stay Focused without too Much Caffeine Intake

Whether you are traveling for business or holidays, I am sure that at some point you felt that coffee is not enough to keep you awake and focused on your activities. It doesn't matter if it is a 2-hour drive or an 8hour flight, your body needs an energy boost, especially if you are traveling for work.

You may think that coffee is your best friend that will keep you alert even if you had no sleep. And maybe that's the case. However, coffee can dehydrate your body and cause nausea and headaches, or even digestive issues. It can be an option but the best option especially for business travelers is Korean red ginseng.

What is Korean red ginseng?

Known as ''Panax Ginseng'' Korean red ginseng is one of the most famous supplements in Asia and it is a daily addition to their nutrition as it has several effects on mental and physical health and performance. Korean Red Ginseng is a great alternative to caffeine, safe and effective with multiple benefits. While traveling for work, you need to perform at your highest level and Korean Red Ginseng can support you. It is known for the following benefits:

  • Fights fatigue and stress

After a day full of traveling, working, and meetings, this supplement is the ''panacea'' for your stress and fatigue levels.


  •   Boosts energy levels

Sometimes your energy levels may be running low due to the inability of your body to regulate blood sugar levels. Red Ginseng appears to improve pancreatic cell function and increase insulin production so it helps regulate blood sugar levels along with its anti-fatigue properties, it can help increase your energy levels and mental performance.

  • Supports memory and concentration

Korean Red Ginseng also appears to enhance memory and cognitive function, especially in older adults. Taking ginseng supplements can improve thinking, arithmetic skills, and reaction times so you will be ready for any challenge during your trip!

How can I take Korean Red Ginseng?

The best way is by adding a high-quality supplement to your daily life. Sipnutri supports your business trips by offering you Korean Panax Ginseng Drink, a high-quality daily supplement. What makes the difference with our supplement is that it contains raw materials enhanced by specific Ginsenosides such as Rg3 and Compound K which are not found in normal ginseng products. As an authentic Korean product, it is produced in Korea and contains 32 varieties in Saponin & the highest rate of 7% Acidic Polysaccharide content among other ginseng products but also the patent technology we use to break Ginsenosides in Ginseng by intestinal bacteria helps you achieve higher Absorption Rate.