Can we Take Collagen While on a Diet and Does it Help with Weight Loss?

Collagen supplements support your overall health and they are well-known for their benefits in skin, nails, hair, and bone health. It is generally a safe supplement for adults, but can you use it during your diet? Is it going to benefit your weight loss journey?

Yes, collagen is a great supplement to take while you are on a diet. Especially our Diamond Collagen Drink that contains marine collagen, Pomegranate Extract, Horsetail Extract, vitamin C and SkinAx is a great choice to support your health while being on a diet. As long as you’re on a balanced diet and not on a super restrictive one you can use it daily without affecting severely your calorie intake. It is a low-cal sip of health!

Regarding your weight loss journey, collagen alone will not affect your weight by means of directly losing weight. What makes you lose weight is being in a calorie deficit and working out so supplements won’t make any difference. What will make the difference is that collagen will improve your daily performance, and boost your energy and mood. Apart from that, there are studies stating that high protein intake diets increase the feeling of satiety and fullness, a feeling that during diets is usually missed! Since collagen is a protein, collagen supplements can help you increase your daily protein intake but they can’t be your only protein source so make sure to eat your protein.

Collagen is also an important component of skeletal muscle and provides all the essential amino acids for muscle building. It is a useful supplement during weight loss as apart from fat, you also lose muscle mass so collagen may help you maintain and build your muscles while losing those extra kilos. The energy that collagen supplements give you can help you get through the day, support your workouts and your reduced calorie intake and give you more motivation for the next steps! Furthermore, collagen can help you relieve any joint pain and make it easier to exercise as it provides support to connective tissue.

Finally, a very interesting benefit of collagen consumption while being on a diet is the fact that it improves skin elasticity. During weight loss, especially if it is rapid, skin loses elasticity and starts to appear saggy and with stretch marks. Collagen supplements can restore elasticity as they increase elastin and collagen production, the main components of the skin.

Collagen supplements are ideal for a balanced diet if you wish to maintain great shape, health, and mood and need an energy boost every day! Our collagen supplement Diamond Collagen Drink offers the highest quality of marine collagen along with 1,000 mcg SkinAx,1,000 mcg Pomegranate Extract, and 1,000 mcg Horsetail Extract, a combination that offers the best absorption of collagen. It will support your weight loss journey by providing you with a daily sip of energy and stamina!