Is Ginseng a Superfood and Can We Use It As a Nootropic?

Ginseng is a widely known superfood used in Asia and Chinese medicine. What makes ginseng a 'superfood' is a compound called ginsenosides. There are 13 known species of ginseng, but Korean Red Ginseng is the best one as it contains the highest amount of ginsenosides and it is the prefered one. Some of the health benefits of ginsenosides are the following:

  • Anti inflammatory effects
  • Help with cholesterol and lipid effect
  • Enhance control of the central nervous system
  • Help with blood sugar levels control and improve diabetic obesity
  • Improvement of coronary symptoms and related cardiovascular symptoms


What is very interesting about the superfood ginseng is the potential nootropic effects it has and how it can affect brain plasticity. But what exactly is a nootropic and what does ''brain plasticity'' means?


Nootropic is a wide category of substances(natural or not) that can boost brain performance. They are also called ''smart drugs'' and there are prescription and over-the-counter nootropics. The over-the-counter such as caffeine, omega 3 fatty acids, and L-theanine, are the safest ones and can improve your mental performance and memory. The term ''brain plasticity'' refers to the biological, chemical, and physical capacity of the brain to reorganize its structure and function as a result of learning, experience, memory formation, or as a result of damage to the brain. It is a very controversial topic that is constantly under research but there is evidence that brain plasticity is affected by nootropics.


Korean Red Ginseng can be considered one of the best over-the-counter nootropics, with excellent results in cases with a risk of cognitive decline. Some of the Korean Red Ginseng benefits are the following:

  • Enhance memory and concentration

Korean Ginseng also appears to enhance memory and cognitive function, especially in older adults. Taking ginseng supplements can improve thinking, arithmetic skills, and reaction times. In Asia, it is widely used by students during the exam period as it appears to help with concentration, memory, and energy levels.


  • Can boost energy levels


Sometimes your energy levels may be low because of the inability of your body to regulate blood sugar levels. Red Ginseng appears to improve pancreatic cell function and increase insulin production so it helps regulate blood sugar levels along with its anti-fatigue properties, it can help increase your energy levels and mental performance.

Korean ginseng appears to be an excellent choice of nootropic that can restore the balance of your body and affect your mental performance and reduce your daily stress levels. There are several ongoing research that claims that ginseng is a potential supplement for cognitive function, behavior, mental health, and mobility. Supplements are not used for treating diseases but for supporting overall health and boosting your organism.