7 Ways Collagen Supplements Can Reduce The Early Signs Of Aging

It's well-known knowledge by now that aging slows down the production of a lot of things in our bodies. This makes the body not what it used to be, both in appearance and how it functions. It's natural, and gradually it's bound to happen to all of us. If you're keeping up with the trends, you might have seen health influencers promote several ways to encourage healthy exercises, foods, and supplements to retain and maybe even manage some of the old ways our body has always worked.

 One of these is a primary structural protein called collagen. Our body starts producing less and less collagen as we age. There's a reason why people have turned to collagen supplements, and it's because of its strong ties with what we generally perceive as aging.

What Is Collagen?


Collagen is present in the most considerable amount and accounts for 30% of your body's total protein. Your whole body is either made up of or has significant traces of collagen- from your hair, nails, skin, bones, and connective tissues to your organs and blood vessels. Not a part of your being doesn't have traces of collagen. And around 28 types of collagen have been determined in the human body.


What Is Its Function?


Collagen can be found in all parts of the body. Hence it does serve many functions, such as helping blood to clot. In some ways, it helps to replace dead skin cells, retain the elasticity and firmness of the skin, and creates a protective layer over our organs. Below is a list of ways collagen helps reduce signs of aging:


1. Skin Health


Out of all the studies and research done on collagen and its benefits, studies on how it helps keep the skin young are the most widely researched. Collagen strengthens the skin, hydrates, and maintains its elasticity. Taking collagen slows down the signs of aging. This is because our body produces less collagen as we age, which results in wrinkles and dry skin. Taking collagen supplements will help prevent those symptoms.


2. Relieves Joint Pain


When the amount of collagen reduces in the body, the risk of developing joint problems increases,  and collagen helps maintain the rubbery tissue that protects your joints, called cartilage.


Studies suggest that collagen supplements improve osteoarthritis and the overall joint pain that may occur due to injury or aging.


It has been theorised that taking collagen supplements encourages the body to produce more collagen on its own. The collagen will accumulate in the cartilage, and the tissues that make collagen will react to it by making more—leading to lower inflammation, reduced pain, and better joint support.


3. Helps The Heart


The idea behind this believes adding collagen supplements to your daily meals may improve your heart health. It has been shown that arterial stiffness and levels of cholesterol have improved. Furthermore, taking collagen supplements strengthens the walls of the blood vessels reducing the risk of artery disease.


4. Prevents Bone Loss


When collagen in your body depletes due to aging, your bones take a huge hit. The bones in your body are made mostly of collagen, and the gradually reduced amount of density in your bones makes your body more susceptible to fractures. The slow decrease of collagen by the body is especially impactful to women who have passed through menopause.


Collagen is the building block that gives your bones structure and strength. Taking collagen supplements tends to slow down the breakdown of the natural collagen in the body.


5. Great Source Of Quick Protein


Collagen supplements are hydrolysed, which means they have  already been broken down into their simplest forms, making them easily digestible, unlike directly eating other protein sources such as chicken or beef, which takes not just hours but sometimes days to digest. Collagen supplements provide all the amino acids you need in a quick and comfortable way without worrying about stomach pains or indigestion problems.


6. Boost Muscle Mass


As we age, our body begins to lose muscle mass. Having the amplest amount of protein, collagen makes up most of the skeletal muscle in the body. Collagen supplements being easily and quickly digestible, have made them popular in remedying the loss of muscle mass due to aging.


7. May Promote Gut Health.


Claims have been made when it comes to improving gut health. Increasing the levels of collagen in the body gives way to a favourable environment for your body to heal. Collagen being part of the connective tissue, which consists of your GI tract and colon, which makes room for collagen supplements to help improve gut health.  




Collagen is around ⅓ of the protein in our bodies. As we age, collagen production slows down, and as a result, we're faced with a shortage that our body can no longer accommodate on its own. Though found in mostly meats, breaking down the meat's proteins into amino acids takes far too long.


Using supplements will not only compensate for the lack of nutrients, but it will also help the body to produce more collagen on its own. This is useful because collagen is an essential protein and is especially vital for old age. It slows down the aging process and helps treat illnesses. Taking the right amount of collagen, be it in food or supplement pills, will help you improve your life so you can live a long, healthy, and happy. Hope this article helped.


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