What are the five types of collagen?


Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the connective tissue, bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, organs, intestinal lining, and skin and it is naturally produced in the body by combining amino acids and nutrients derived from nutrition. There are 16 or more, types of collagen but only 5 are mainstream and common.

The 5 common types of collagen

• Type I collagen

This type is the most abundant in the body and accounts for 90% of the overall. It is found in the eyes, hair, skin, organs, ligaments, tendons, bones, nails, and blood vessels. It helps with wound healing, body functions, and improves skin appearance. The best sources to find collagen type I are meat(beef), eggs, and bone broth.

• Type II collagen

Type II collagen is found in the joints, cartilages, and gut lining. This is the best type of collagen supplement for people with osteoarthritis or joint problems as there is some evidence about their treatment that seems promising. The best natural sources of collagen type II are bone broth and chicken, especially some parts with cartilage, like the sternum.

• Type III collagen

Type III is found in the organs, blood vessels(it is the main and primary ingredient), and muscle structures. It supports intestinal health, gives better structure to muscles, and may support the natural mechanism of blood clots. The natural sources of collagen type III are beef, bone broth, and fish.

• Type IV collagen

Type IV collagen is found in the extracellular basement membranes and it is the less common type. It is mostly used as it is linked to wound healing, forming of an embryo, and digestive disorders. Type IV has one less amino acid than the others and it is organized in sheet and not as triple helixes. The best sources of this type of collagen are egg whites and protein-rich foods.

• Type V collagen

Type V collagen is found in some layers of skin and hair but it is mostly found in the placenta and cornea. This type of collagen supports neonatal proper development, helps with eye conditions, and regulates the development of collagen fibers. Type V collagen can be found as a supplement and in egg whites(you need to eat a lot of them!).

Also, another important type that does not get the hype, is the X. Type X supports joint and bone health together with type II. It is primarily found in joints and bones and you can increase it more by choosing specific foods like eggs and chicken.

Do you need all these types of collagen?

No! Every type of collagen has a different function but the type I collagen is enough for the needs of a healthy adult. Sipnutri's collagen is hydrolyzed marine collagen which means it is type I collagen, the most abundant, effective, and strong type especially when it comes to skin health. So do not worry about consuming all 5 types of collagen, a high-quality supplement like ours is more than enough for your daily needs!