Diamond Collagen Drink

Collagen Sources & Marine Collagen

You may hear a lot of different collagen sources, but one of the most much-discussed sources is marine collagen. Is it as good as it seems? And which are the other sources? Let’s explore them together!         ...
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Liquid vs Powder Collagen: Which is the best?

There’s no doubt that collagen is one of the most famous beauty and health supplements and the key secret of forever young celebrities. On the huge collagen market, there are different forms of collagen supplements: powder, liquid, pills, and gummies...
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How much collagen can I ingest daily?

Generally, collagen is considered a safe supplement and you will not have major side effects if you ingest too much.                    The safe and effective amountA safe but effective amount of collagen per...
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How does collagen drinks help your joints and bones?

As a person ages, their joints start to break down. The spongy cartilage of the joints starts to wear away. The collagen in their joints begins to wear and tear. But what actually is collagen?  'Collagen itself is a particular protein...
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How does collagen drink supplement support healthy skin, hair, nails?

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in our bodies. It is also present in large amounts in our bones, muscles, and ligaments. It’s considered the scaffolding that holds the body together. In the skin specifically, collagen helps form...
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How does collagen drink supplement reduce fine lines and wrinkles?

Collagen is a buzz word that's been shown all over products, supplements, and ads. Collagen is an incredibly important protein that keeps your tissues and bones together. Specifically for your skin, collagen helps give your skin structure and elasticity, or...
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