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Although Collagen is not Vegan, Can We Get it from Vegetables and Fruits?

Veganism is a lifestyle that excludes the consumption and use of animal products such as meat, eggs, dairy products, honey, and leather. That means that most collagen supplements are not suitable for them and the sources of natural collagen are...
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How Skin Health and Mental Health are Connected

  Mental health is one of the aspects that affect our everyday life in several ways. It affects how we feel, think, act and cope with different situations. Have you ever felt stomach pain when you are anxious? Or did...
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How to Bring Your Best Self into the Holidays

Holiday season is sure the most wonderful time of the year.But between buying gifts, hosting parties, all the extra pleasures(food & drink), and attending family gatherings, it can also be the most stressful time of the year.That’s why it’s important...
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How to Detox Your Body During Holidays

Holidays are just around the corner. Family gathering and plenty delicious food are expected. While you are having all the fun, you should spare some attention and focus on your body detox. Thank us later:) For many people, body detox...
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What to Look For in Collagen Supplements

Collagen supplements are probably the most discussed supplements for beauty and health this decade and there is no doubt that they truly work miracles if you follow all the basic tips. But first, you have to buy the right supplement...
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Top-tier athletes, Anti-aging, and Collagen

It is a fact that most people believe that when it comes to sports and athletics, there is always an ''expiration date'' related to age. But surprisingly, age is no longer a limit for athletes. The tennis legend Roger Federer,...
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