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Taking Collagen Supplements vs Topical Collagen in Beauty Products

We already know collagen has multiple beauty and health benefits but is collagen as effective in all of its forms? Is using collagen-infused beauty products the same as taking collagen supplements? Long story short, collagen-infused beauty products won't help with our collagen...
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The Charms of Korean Panax Ginseng - How It Helps to Fight Off Stress?

By Julie, our outsourced health enthusiast. Introduction Natural is always the best. If you doubt it, then look at yourself; you are nothing but a miracle of nature, so it is here you can get all your answers to questions...
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7 Ways Collagen Supplements Can Reduce The Early Signs Of Aging

It's well-known knowledge by now that aging slows down the production of a lot of things in our bodies. This makes the body not what it used to be, both in appearance and how it functions. It's natural, and gradually...
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Is Ginseng a Superfood and Can We Use It As a Nootropic?

Ginseng is a widely known superfood used in Asia and Chinese medicine. What makes ginseng a 'superfood' is a compound called ginsenosides. There are 13 known species of ginseng, but Korean Red Ginseng is the best one as it contains...
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Can we Take Collagen While on a Diet and Does it Help with Weight Loss?

Collagen supplements support your overall health and they are well-known for their benefits in skin, nails, hair, and bone health. It is generally a safe supplement for adults, but can you use it during your diet? Is it going to benefit...
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Travel edition: How to Get an Energy Boost and Stay Focused without too Much Caffeine Intake

Whether you are traveling for business or holidays, I am sure that at some point you felt that coffee is not enough to keep you awake and focused on your activities. It doesn't matter if it is a 2-hour drive...
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